Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 Randoms...tagged by Nikki

6 random bits of information about myself...
My friend Nikki tagged me ...... I have to list 6 random facts about me...........

1-) I have to sing (not well, mind you) when listening to music, I CAN NOT just listen. Drives Nonda crazy.

2-) I have an obsession with the dictionary, I keep a copy on my nightstand. I will argue with you if you use slang when speaking. Even more so, if you try to find offense in a slang word. (No sense is being offended by words that aren't real) I have decided to refer to my children as progeny. I will pass my charm to my progeny.

3-) I secretly wish I was a race car driver, and every so often the urge escapes my control. Too bad, even with though the minivan has GPS. From NASA, it doesn't do 200 mph.

4-) I have a purse obsession and Nonda encourages it by buying me multiple purses at a time.

5-) I have a rather large accumulation of cookbooks/recipes and gardening books/magazines.

6-) I have A.D.D. hopefully this is not something I will pass on to my progeny.

now I tag..... Misty, Eric and Carrie.


Nikki said...

You have I would have NEVER known!!!

MisterE said...

I too have to sing while in the car. I have told multiple people on road trips that if I drive, I sing. It keeps me awake so get over it now.

Joel and Carrie said... in carrie pace? or carrie fill in the blank?

Nonda's Wife said...

Sorry Carrie..yes that would be you. Carrie Underwood is still not returning my calls...I don't understand.

Joel and Carrie said...

reason #1 to not give your kids a common name people! it will only come back to bite them in the blogger butt when they are "tagged." hee hee