Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Jerk = Me!

Today is 'Neekee's' birthday.
And being the great friend that I am, I forgot. I didn't forget that Nikki's birthday is the day before Christmas Eve, or that it is December 23rd. I didn't forget when Nikki's birthday is, I just forgot what today is. I thought today was December 22nd. So not only did I think that I still had 2 days to get ready for Christmas, I also thought that Nikki's birthday would be taking place tomorrow, which should have been December 23rd. When in fact, Nikki's birthday is today, which incidentally is December 23rd. Imagine what a big jerk I felt like when Nikki calls me and we talk, for oh a good 30 minutes, part of that being about how Seattle's birthday was, which as I am well aware is December 22nd and one day before Nikki's (not sure why none of this has clicked by now), and I say, "So what are you doing today"? Her reply, "Going to lunch with a friend, she is taking me for my birthday." In which I respond, "That's nice, but your birthday is tomorrow!" The jerkiness only then hit's me as Nikki's telling me nope it's today. So Nik, I public apologize for being so blonde and dumb. I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate having you in my life. You're such a great friend to me, even if you're my only friend... just kidding I really mean it. You know how much I like to be first and if I was all together I would have called you at 6:00 am, like I had planned to do tomorrow.



Nikki said...

Thanks!!! I love you!!!

Joel and Carrie said...

Well looky here is someone waking up from their blog coma? j/k. Hey I loved your card! Thanks for sending it! I already knew you were a diva family but that really confirmed it. :)

Miss T said...

JERK! :-)