Friday, January 9, 2009

The tooth fairy is considering calling it quits!

I never really pay that much attention to Kayla's mouth. I don't do a nightly check up. Maybe I should start.
I walked in and she was asleep on the couch, I felt guilty having to wake her up, knowing how tired she has been. I sat down next to her trying to make what was about to happen as painless as possible for both of us. (she doesn't do waking up very well) I gently shook her awake and said, "Kayla, you need to wake up, we need to get going home." I was using a very soft voice trying to avoid a fight. I pulled her up and thought of things to talk about to distract her from my what I was doing. I started to ask her about her day and her friends. She is facing me, a few inches away from my face, trying her best to answer.
It's then I notice her teeth. One is missing. I think back, trying to remember the last time she lost a tooth, it had been a while. Did she tell me she had a loose tooth? Maybe, I couldn't recall the exact conversation.
"Did you lose your tooth?" I asked.
"Yeah" she shrugged still trying hard to not wake up.
"Today, at school."
"Did you pull it out?" I ask her, knowing the answer would most likely be yes since she had pulled out the last 3 herself.
"Uh-huh" she replied, still not entertained by our conversation.
"Where is it?" I ask prying for the story filled with what should be 7 year old excitement that most kids exhume when they lose a tooth.
She was instead, irritated, "In my backpack".
At this point I am upset that she doesn't care for me to be involved. "Well what are you planning to do with it?" I ask with more meaning then curiosity.
This is the moment when she was clearly done with our conversation. She looks at me and says, in a clever tone that would better suit an adult, "I am going to put it under my pillow, just like I have done with all the rest of my stupid baby teeth. What is it to you anyway, it's not like you're the tooth fairy? This isn't my first time, it's not like I need you to hold my hand?"


caitlin said...

Ha, ha ha love it!

Nikki said...

WOW!!!! The girl has attitude! I wonder where she could have possibly learned to talk like that?

Krew Zachary Eckman said...

Hey you!! I am finally getting down this blogging thing. I have some pics caught up but still more posts to do since he is 4 1/2 months now!! hard to believe. we need to do lunch!! I start back to school tomorrow:(

Joel and Carrie said...

Did I tell you I loved your Christmas card...even if Nonda was in it? j/k. Thank you!

*tif* said...

That is hilarious!